Visual Impact Kettlebells Reviews: Let’s Explore the Program!

It is an ideal program for those craving a fit and robust body while looking all enchanting in their chic clothing. Visual Impact Kettlebells is a powerful 12-week workout program that teaches how to get the slim physique, strength and muscle.

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Visual Impact Kettlebells Reviews

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I cannot contain my ecstasy! The multi-functional kettlebell is the focus of Rusty Moore’s newest training program, which was just released. Because Rusty and I are good friends, I begged and pleaded with him to let me have early access to this program.

So… I am one of the first people to look inside this program, and all I can say is that it is ON FIRE! In a nutshell, I adore the book Visual Impact Kettlebells by Rusty Moore and Chris Lopez, and I highly recommend it to others. You can either keep reading for my complete review or click here to immediately purchase your copy.

To begin, I’ve been interested in doing kettlebell workouts for a while now, but I wasn’t quite sure how the proper technique should be performed. The programs that Rusty Moore produces are also some of my favorites. Therefore, I find that this is a beneficial combination for me.

I’ve explored the entirety of the member area for Visual Impact Kettlebells, and I must say that it’s an impressive and simple-to-follow program.

In this review of the Visual Impact Kettlebells, I will be discussing the following topics:

  • What kinds of kettlebells are required for the Visual Impact workout?
  • The qualities and advantages that are offered by Visual Impact Kettlebells
  • Cons of Visual Impact Kettlebells Special features that are exclusive to this program Special features that are unique to this program
  • About the Visual Impact Company Kettlebell ratings from the Visual Impact company.

What is the Visual KettleBells program?

Do you want to achieve a sleek and smart body appearance while avoiding the appearance of a huge WWE wrestler? In that case, you’ll want to check out this program!

Visual Impact Kettlebell is a home workout program that will help you get the body of your dreams while allowing you to do it in the comfort of your own home. This class is designed to help students achieve a leaner body composition while simultaneously building muscle strength and enhancing muscle definition.

The primary objective of the Visual Impact Kettlebells Program is to instill in its trainees the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use a kettlebell and achieve the physique of a runway model. (1)

The fact that the creators of the Visual Impact Kettlebells Course have effectively incorporated both written and video explanations of the theoretical information is one of the most exciting aspects of the course.

Answering questions such as “why this course is better than other home workout programs” is an example of what is included in theoretical explanations. In order to maintain motivation throughout the course of this intensive three-month program, it is essential to gain an understanding of the distinctive characteristics of this program.

The incorporation of instructional videos is yet another one of this program’s distinctive characteristics. The Visual Impact Kettlebells Program includes videos that demonstrate how to properly perform each of the kettlebell exercises that are included in the program.

Users are provided with detailed information regarding the kettlebell and how it should be handled throughout the entire workout through the use of visual representations of the movements. To create a more aesthetically pleasing experience, each of the videos was shot on the breathtaking beach in Costa Rica.

It is the perfect program for people who want a strong and fit body while still having the ability to look alluring in their fashionable clothing. The vast majority of fitness programs place an emphasis on intense weightlifting, which can transform your physique into that of a muscular man.

Although it is desirable for people who want to compete in bodybuilding competitions, many people who are interested in fitness and models who walk the runway do not find it to be so desirable.

About the creator

This course was developed by Rusty Moore, and it features Chris Lopez, a highly qualified kettlebell specialist.

Rusty has provided an engaging account of his life on the website dedicated to his fitness program, visual impact fitness. He used to be a muscle freak, but in the late 1990s he came to the conclusion that the muscle gain he had experienced was primarily in his lower body, and as a result, he could no longer wear fashionable clothing.

He was dissatisfied with the appearance of his massively weighed legs and extremely curvy hips, so he made the decision to set himself the goal of losing 25 to 30 pounds in one year.

His perseverance led to another victory! He was successful in achieving his goals, and as a result, he gained exceptional experience in precisely how to accomplish this look. (2)

Rusty never really warmed up to the idea of using kettlebells instead of dumbbells and barbells because, in his opinion, those weights are better suited to being held in the palms of one’s hands.

The kettlebell, on the other hand, has what is known as a “flawed shape,” and when it is lifted, its weight continues to move back and forth. Rusty continued to hold onto this belief until the year 2001, when Chris approached him about becoming a partner in a “Visual Impact Program,” which had to be centered on kettlebells at this point.

Who Created the Visual Impact Kettlebells Program?

Fitness industry veteran Rusty Moore is the man behind the creation of Visual Impact Kettlebells. Rusty has been working in the fitness industry for well over 20 years, and for the purpose of this particular project, he collaborated with Chris Lopez, who is widely regarded as one of the best kettlebell trainers in the world. Chris has also spent over 20 years working as a fitness coach. He holds an RKC certification and was the first Canadian to earn certification from Strongfirst as an SFG Kettlebell Instructor. In addition, Chris has worked as a fitness coach.

What You’ll Learn in Visual Impact Kettlebells

Visual Impact Kettlebells is an effective online exercise program that lasts for a period of twelve weeks and focuses solely on the utilization of kettlebells as a means of building muscle and improving muscle tone in order to achieve a leaner and more sculpted physique. It is a synergistic exercise program that is separated into various modules and several units for the purpose of making it ready in a quick and easy manner. The regime is then divided into three phases, which are as follows:

  • Phase One: Foundation (Week 1 – Week 4)
  • Phase Two: Acceleration (Week 5 – Week 6)
  • Phase Three: Intensification (Week 9 – Week 12)

As you can see, a strategic exercise routine consists of multiple phases, each of which lasts for a predetermined amount of time. The initial stage places an emphasis on both peak and explosive strength. The workouts switch back and forth between slow exercises that focus on tension and fast, explosive workouts, with the primary emphasis being on learning and comprehending fundamental kettlebell exercises. This is accomplished by performing a series of exercises that focus on strength training and muscle toning.

In the following phase, which focuses on neuro-metabolic contrast training, slow tension-based lifts and explosive movements are combined into a single routine. The primary goal here is to accelerate the rate at which your body burns through calories.

In the final phase, you will perform exercises with high tension as well as explosive movements, all within the same set. The primary goals are to raise your heart rate and total number of calories burned in order to facilitate rapid fat loss, as well as maximum muscle strengthening and definition.

You can quickly learn the process and gain access to the follow-along workouts, step-by-step instructions, and visual references by consulting the written and video formats that are made available for this regimen.

Special Features of Visual Impact Kettlebells

Explanations of Theory:

In addition to the fact that I am friends with Rusty and am aware that he is the type of person who actually practices what he preaches, one of my favorite things about all of Rusty’s training programs is the fact that he always includes WHY something works.

This is significant to me because when I understand the logic behind how something functions, I am much more likely to continue using it. For example, in the passage titled “The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design,” the author explains why kettlebells are so useful, particularly for athletes who engage in explosive forms of exercise.

Only One Size Kettlebell Needed:

If you need kettlebells of varying weights, finding storage space for all of them can be difficult unless you purchase an adjustable model. However, Rusty is very productive. Extremely effective. Therefore, he coaxed Chris, the individual responsible for the videos, into providing a single weight recommendation for both men and women. It is possible to complete all of the exercises using JUST ONE kettlebell. That is really cool to hear.

Video Workout Demos:

This is the first of Rusty’s programs to include a video component, and the videos that are included in this program are absolutely STUNNING. Not only is each video of the highest possible quality, but it was shot on some of the most breathtaking beaches in Costa Rica.

Cons of Visual Impact Kettlebells

Only One Weight Needed:

As I was saying earlier, there is only one weight that is necessary. Personally, I believe that this is a wonderful thing; however, for those individuals who enjoy working with a variety of weights, this may be an annoyance.

No Phone Number:

Rusty is fantastic at providing support and promptly responding to emails, but he does not publish a phone number for people to call.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5 – This is the easiest of Rusty’s trainings to follow, because of the video instruction. They are all wonderful, but this one is even more impressive than the others.
  • Features 5/5 – This program provides you with everything you need to make the most of your time spent working out with kettlebells.
  • Customer Service 4 out of 5 stars: Rusty is very good at promptly responding to his emails, but he does not provide a phone number.
  • Cost-Effectiveness of the Product 5 out of 5 stars: The amount of value that Rusty packs into his programs is incredible, and the kettlebell training is an especially good deal for the money.


  • The method of exercise that is detailed in this program is one that is suitable for aligning with the natural growth system of the body.
  • You have many options to select from when selecting a workout for yourself. You are able to switch between multiple options without becoming bored thanks to this.
  • An exclusive feature that prevents trainees from becoming bored is a video guide that can be followed step by step.
  • You will not appear to grow larger while gaining strength and a toned body from these exercises.
  • If you follow the creators’ instructions for how to get the most out of the course, you will be able to walk down the runway in any contemporary outfit you choose.
  • The creator, Rusty Moore, has more than 15 years of experience in the field of getting runway models into shape while simultaneously improving their overall body strength.
  • The featured kettlebell expert, Chris Lopez, holds the distinction of being the first Canadian to earn certification from Strongfirst as an SFG kettlebell instructor. Chris has been working in this industry for close to twenty years now.
  • Throughout the entirety of the program, there are numerous exercises that only use one kettlebell weight.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee good for sixty days. If you are not satisfied with the training within the first sixty days after making your purchase, you will receive a full refund of the amount you paid for it.
  • Putting in an order is a very simple process. You only need a working email address to participate.
  • The quality of the assistance provided to customers is astonishingly high. Rusty is very good about responding to all of the emails that are sent to him.


  • This class is not recommended for students with the goal of finishing it looking like they’ve been in a bodybuilding competition.
  • Your athletic performance will not actively improve as a result of taking this class.
  • For those who were hoping to lift a range of different weights, the fact that only one kettlebell weight was used may be disappointing.
  • You will not find a phone number anywhere; the only way to get in touch with the creator is through their email.

Is visual impact kettlebells scam?

Just one response, and it’s NO! Rusty Moore is a respectable trainer who has been working in the field of fitness for more than 15 years. He has extensive experience working with both male and female runway models.

In addition to that, he is in possession of a number of visual impact programs that can make even the most cumbersome physique appear to be picture perfect. Many people have expressed their satisfaction with the “Visual Impact Kettlebell (home-workout) Program” on various websites across the internet.


Visual Impact Kettlebells is a comprehensive and efficient workout, just like the rest of Rusty’s programs. You will receive everything you require to carry out a kettlebell workout in the correct manner. Additionally, Rusty provides an exceptionally high-quality customer service. If you are interested in incorporating a high-quality kettlebell routine into your fitness plan, I strongly suggest that you sign up for this program.

Visual Impact Kettlebells is an effective exercise program that lasts for a total of 12 weeks and teaches participants how to achieve the lean physique, strength, and muscle definition they desire by performing a 3-phase kettlebell routine. It is simple to pick up, and both men and women can benefit from using it as a full-body exercise routine. The only piece of additional equipment required is a kettlebell, and you can perform all of the exercises in the comfort of your own home.


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