Productive Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

Productive Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier


As the old saying goes, everyone needs a hobby. Help your hobby to extend your taste and passion – they can be as diverse as gardening, cooking, writing, parachuting, comedy and sewing, just a few names.

But there are some hobbies that are considered productive unless you are one of the few happy people who will turn your passion into a second job … or use the skills you have in your job to integrate the hobby to become more productive, efficient and happy.



2.Arts and Crafts



5.Dancing Activity


7.Knit and Sew


9.Amateur Radio

10.Day Dreaming

1. Cookery


Cooking is one of the most productive hobbies and something that everyone has to take into account when doing everything. The food makes you instant, focusing on the product and processes available. It also makes you plan ahead. As a bonus, the practice is really good to prepare and prepare food in the next few days, which means that you’re even more productive than you think.

2. Arts and crafts


Art and craft classes cover a wide range of activities in which everything is done by hand. Arts and crafts are usually a hobby. Some crafts have been used for centuries, others are newer inventions. Both children and adults love art and craft. Children at school can learn skills such as woodwork, carving, sewing or fabrication using all materials. Many community centers and schools offer evening and day classes and seminars where you can learn about arts and crafts.

3. Writing


One of the most productive interests you must have is your spare time. Writing is an incredibly strong and important form of expressing yourself and can help you direct energy to what you are interested in and which you can use to feed your diet, your dreams and desires. Whether you write articles, write articles, radio scripts or journal entries, writing helps you free your creativity and helps you be as productive as possible. To start writing, do not write a lot of words, do not write a blog or write only 750 words a day.

4. Exercises


Exercise is any physical activity that improves or maintains your physical condition, general health and well-being. This is done for a variety of reasons, such as growth and development, preventing aging, strengthening the muscles and cardiovascular system, improving sport skills, weight loss or retention, improving health and pleasure. Many people practice outside, where they can meet, communicate and improve their well-being.

5. Dancing activity


Dance is definitely not considered a hobby for productivity. However, when you squeeze hard work and sacrifice that undoubtedly dances, it becomes more visible in terms of productivity gains. Dance forces you to learn ordinary things, make notes of many exercises and use them as a template to achieve the smallest details in everyday life.

6. Reading


Reading is one of the most popular entertainment events in the world and rightly so. Reading offers many benefits. It is also a very productive hobby, because it can be done during downtime and empty time “where you simply do not have anything. By reading research and productivity, you can apply for new habits, behaviors and patterns to make you more effective in life. In short, reading can be productive, allowing you to read how you can be productive.

7. Knitting and Sewing


Knitting is usually regarded as something that older people and Hollywood stars like to make a niche, but a Stricker circle in the world – and for good reason. Knitting is next to interesting entertainment and the opportunity to make a great gift for those who like it, a great tool to increase productivity. It uses the same multitasking and planning skills that will be used in a modern workplace, and this promises to be a physical, tangible end product for your efforts.

Sewing is a fastening or fixing to needles and threaded seams. Sewing clothing and animal clothing were used as a shelter for sewing. Decorative embroidery has been appreciated in many world cultures.



Does it relax theoretically than gardening?
Gardening is not only fun and relaxing entertainment, but also a great way to increase productivity. In the garden, you can relax and relax while you save energy to the brave day that is in front of you. In addition, you’ll learn how to manage different projects¬† at the same time.

9.Amateur radio


Amateur radio is not a very popular hobby, otherwise everyone will have their own radio program or podcast in iTunes. In addition, a great way to express your opinion and the development of some public speakers, amateur radio can be very productive. By writing, cutting, editing and producing radio amateurs, you will learn how to work with terms, develop creative ideas and plot lines and how you can give your best sharp, creative time – all talents and skills that will help you get the best performance.

10.Day Dreaming


Well, it may not be what is technically a “hobby”, but it still has value if it is regularly practiced, and it will help you make more efficient if used properly. Dreams express your creativity and let you know the ideas that you never even thought the concept that the only solution you are looking for. “Dreamer” makes it even more beautiful – research has shown that 20 minutes after dinner dating can help to create clarity, to save memory and even greater concentration and battery performance to be.

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