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Lifebook Online is surprisingly “real” compared to a lot of courses on Mindvalley. That’s not to say that other courses on Mindvalley are a waste of time.

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Lifebook Online Review

The first thing that was obvious about Lifebook Online was that it lacked something important that I needed. I don’t know if it’s lack of motivation or extra training or both, but either way I am not receiving what I should from a fitness program. I’m still in the early stages of this program and trying to make a commitment to do this for the long-term. I was really excited when I first started because I wanted to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

Is this the pathway that I would have chosen, or did I just follow along because society says this is a respectable and safe road to travel? And this is exactly why Lifebook Online by Jon and Missy Butcher exists: to work out the answers to these questions and help you create your own life plan.But here’s an important fact: Like your life, the Lifebook never stops evolving.So despite having finished the course, I am continuously updating the categories in my book with new thoughts, visions, strategies, and beliefs that I continue to develop.

Jon and Missy make it clear that the process being taught are tools for life, and as you go forward you’ll use the teachings to continually refine your vision. This is a book about your life that will evolve with you.My book has become a great motivator. I can look back at where I was at the start of the course, the vision I developed, how far I’ve come in realizing that vision, and how I have evolved above and beyond my old preconceived limits.For me, the true value of this course grows over time, with you, as you grow – having learned the valuable lessons that Jon and Missy share.

What is Lifebook Online

Here is Lifebook Online review, that will hopefully help you determine whether you need to take the program. I will share what I think was good, and what I think can be improved. I will also run you through the entire course content, so you can gain prior knowledge on what to anticipate. In this Lifebook Online review you will discover what the program has to offer, as well as my experience with it.

What are the ingredients in Lifebook Online

The program provides some information, but nothing that is really ground-breaking. I’ve been searching for information on nutrition and exercise that focuses on motivation. I’ve found lots of resources out there, but I’ve had minimal success. The truth is that I already knew what I needed to know and didn’t need any more advanced tips or education. This isn’t the first health and fitness program that I’ve tried, but I did feel like I was steered toward weight loss and cardio instead of an overall body fitness program.

The other negative thing I noticed about the program was that it provided quotes in the form of an eBook. The problem is that you have to go out and buy the book, and then download the PDF file that comes with it. It’s just not convenient at all, and I probably would have given up on the program before I actually got around to buying the book. I wasn’t able to find the motivation to read through the entire book, but I think once I finished I was able to get through the exercises easily.

I think that the biggest benefit you’ll experience from having your own lifebook online is motivation. If you’re like me, there are lots of things on your mind these days. You may be getting over one wedding, or maybe have a stressful career. You may be trying to manage your finances or motivate yourself to finally go on vacation. Having a daily quote or inspirational quote on hand can help greatly to keep you on track.

Another benefit I experienced from my Lifebook online was that it kept track of my progress. Every week, I would receive an email with a link to a new quote or exercise. I’m an avid exerciser, so this was very important to me. When I started using the Internet to support my goals, I had to take regular print outs of my health and fitness books and store them in my computer. The last thing I wanted was for my books to pile up and become a library of exercise and health information. Now, whenever I want to check something off my list, I can quickly find the relevant information I need without taking out my book.

LifeBook Online – Top 4 Steps

1. Invest in the outcome, but at the procedure

This lesson is notable. Though establishing our goals in addition to intentions are crucial, our joy should not be doled out on reaching the targets. According to Jon and Missy, you have to embrace your actions together with the journey. You have to take pride in all of the everyday activities and adopt the entire journey, and this will allow you to fulfill your goals no matter what you’re doing.

Happiness should not be dependent about the attainment of goals, as it keeps you unhappy for a major portion of your lifetime. You must learn to enjoy the present, and appreciate what you have.

2. Balance and its importance

Jon and Missy instruct you how the secret to everything in life is balance. Everything you do, say, believe, feel, or eat- all need awareness and this awareness helps us grow.

Balance cannot be found, it has to be created. The Lifebook concentrated on 12 different regions of life and this is for a reason. It makes it possible to realize the regions and important aspects of life that have been neglected by you. You learn how to focus on your emotional wellness.

3. Develop more Comprehension of oneself

Lifebook allows you to introspect about your daily life, your present, and your future. It teaches you that the importance of getting clarity on what you really want on your life that helps you control the direction of where your life is heading towards. It gives you an idea of management and brings back your attention. It creates awareness in you about what exactly makes you happy in life.

4. Your internal world should not be ignored

A lot of us don’t pay heed to our internal life. However, Lifebook educates you it is an important part of your happiness. In this world, internal peace is not restricted to finding quiet. It is where you’re at peace, emotionally as well as spiritually.

It keeps you calm and strong during very stressful times. Inner peace doesn’t depend on circumstances and external ailments. Once you attain inner peace, time, and energy isn’t wasted on meaningless and unimportant thoughts.

Inner peace is just the reverse of stress, anxiety, and rumination. All you have to do is to be grateful for what you are.

5. The importance of an ultimate assignment

Now, you must know this quite well, each single superhero and every villain have a frequent thing: they have their ultimate mission.

Jon and Missy tell us that top performers are in the top because they have one mission in life and that is what defines their life. Simply having a target will not be sufficient, since they are little landmarks that can be knocked down easily and set up.

You have to connect yourself along with your personal mission, which is when you give yourself a purpose. The mission must not depend on any external events. Irrespective of where you are and which point you are in life, your self-imposed quest will give your life in the leadership that it needs. You do not just get clarity, but also an endless supply of encouragement and motivation.


  • Very simple dashboard. Super easy to get started and navigate through classes.
  • Video content is delivered professionally and really easy to comprehend. Jon is a good speaker and speaker and makes the class participating.
  • The calls together with Jon and Missy are excellent and something you will be hard pushed to find on other digital courses.
  • There’s plenty of advice on the best way best to fill in your own Lifebook, which kickstarts your journey and averts writer’s block. I adapted Jon’s statements to my many times.
  • The pre-assessment is very interesting because, using your own answers, it provides you an accurate insight as to your quality of life.
  • The Community place is motivating as you may see that you aren’t going through this alone and get to speak with others.
  • It’s basically free, if you only want to take the class but not have access to the online stuff later.


  • I believe that a course follow up at state 6 or 3 weeks would be beneficial. This could serve to ensure people remain motivated once they compete the program.
  • The movie calls are only on live classes, so not everyone gets that experience.
  • Perhaps Mindvalley could partner with a printing company to supply a binder of your Lifebook. While you can do it yourself, it would be cool to be able to order one with a proper cover and perhaps a training course certificate inside.


My final reason for purchasing a Lifebook online was that it’s convenient. Instead of having to bring a book to my computer, I can access my quotes, links, and daily exercise activities from the comfort of my home. This has allowed me to continue exercising on a consistent basis without having to stop what I’m doing to go to the gym or library. There are many benefits that come from using the internet for your fitness and health needs.

My Lifebook online was purchased two months ago, and I haven’t looked back. I continue to use the quotes daily and do my daily exercise activities because they provide me with additional motivation. By providing me with motivation, I am able to achieve more with my goals. Having a Lifebook online is a smart investment because it provides me with an additional tool to increase my life and overall fitness level.

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