Celebrating Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

A Galactic Tradition

Every year on May 4th, fans across the galaxy unite to celebrate Star Wars Day, a day dedicated to the beloved and iconic film series that has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions. Today, we’re joining in on the festivities, so grab your lightsabers and let’s dive into the origins of Star Wars Day and explore how fans celebrate this special occasion.

The Origins of Star Wars Day

The phrase “May the 4th be with you” is a clever play on the iconic Star Wars line, “May the Force be with you.” The first known use of the phrase dates back to May 4th, 1979, when the London Evening News published a congratulatory message for Margaret Thatcher, who had just been elected as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister. The message read, “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.” However, it wasn’t until the rise of social media that the pun gained widespread popularity and the day became an annual celebration for Star Wars fans worldwide.

How Fans Celebrate

Star Wars Day celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few popular ways fans show their love for the galaxy far, far away:

Movie Marathons

Many fans choose to spend the day watching their favorite Star Wars films or series, whether it’s the original trilogy, the prequels, or the more recent sequels.

Dressing Up

Cosplay is a major part of Star Wars Day celebrations, with fans dressing up as their favorite characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

Themed Food and Drinks

Fans often get creative in the kitchen, whipping up Star Wars-themed treats like “Wookiee Cookies,” “Yoda Soda,” and “Death Star Popcorn Balls.”

Sharing on Social Media

Social media platforms are abuzz with Star Wars content on May 4th, from sharing favorite quotes and scenes to showcasing fan art and cosplay.

Community Events

Many local communities and businesses host Star Wars-themed events, including movie screenings, trivia nights, and even lightsaber training sessions.


Star Wars Day is a time for fans to come together and share their love for the epic space opera that has inspired generations. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual admirer, there’s something for everyone on May the 4th. So, as you celebrate today, remember, “The Force will be with you, always.”

Scarlett Miller