21 Day Smoothie Diet Reviews: Is This Weight Loss Program Trustworthy?

The smoothie diet can do wonders and give you a lean and smart body within 21 days. The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day program created by Head Coach Drew. For 21 days, users need to follow a set of smoothie recipes as a meal replacement to lose weight.

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21 Day Smoothie Diet Reviews

The Smoothie Diet Program is yet another eating regimen that has recently gained a lot of attention in social media, particularly on YouTube. Dieters who have already tried it attest to the rapidity with which they achieve their weight loss goals after 21 days. Others have even mentioned that they began to experience weight loss just a few days after beginning the program. There are still those who question whether or not the 21-Day Smoothie Diet program is legitimate or just a scam that preys on people who are desperate to lose weight. This is despite the fact that many people swear how effective the program is.

People who have a history of going on and off diets are the focus of The Smoothie Diet. These individuals have started a diet, experienced some weight loss, but have since gained it all back. As the cycle continues, it gets increasingly difficult for them to maintain their weight because they are unable to stick to the diet, which results in them gaining more weight, at which point they give up trying to lose it. The primary obstacle to successful weight loss is one that the Smoothie Diet Program intends to overcome.

The fact that the program only costs $47 (and as of the time this article was written, they are selling it for only $37 for a very limited time) makes it impossible to resist the promise of achieving weight loss after only 21 days. Customers are only required to pay that amount once, and the creator of the program, Head Coach Drew, offers a money-back guarantee that those who adhere to the program’s guidelines to a tee will experience weight loss within the first 21 days. In order to reassure the company’s customers, he offers a money-back guarantee that is valid for sixty days. In the event that the user does not see any results within that time frame, they have the option to return the product within sixty days, and they will be refunded for their purchase.

In light of the information presented here, the assertion that the Smoothie Diet Program is a fraud appears to be extremely remote from the reality of the situation. People who have a strong desire to lose weight but are unable to take artificial supplements or engage in aggressive weight loss methods may find this to be an effective alternative solution.

What is 21 Day The Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is a program that Head Coach Drew developed. It lasts for a total of 21 days. In order to lose weight, users are required to follow a specific set of smoothie recipes as a meal replacement for a period of 21 days. These recipes were personally developed by Coach Drew, and they have been proven to not only aid in weight loss, but also in the maintenance and continued loss of that weight.

The scrumptious and simple-to-prepare smoothies that Coach Drew sells come with a money-back guarantee that they will speed up the weight loss process of their consumers while also boosting their levels of energy and improving their general health. He advertised this product as a revolutionary new life-transformation system that would help users become slimmer and sexier in just 21 days. He guaranteed that this would be the case. Not only that, but people who use it will also report feeling better than they have in years. [Citation needed]

Every smoothie recipe is developed with a holistic approach to weight loss in mind, taking into account adequate nutrition in order to improve the dieter’s overall health and sense of well-being.

How Does the 21 Day Smoothie Diet Work?

In just twenty-one days, the smoothie diet can work wonders and give you a body that is trimmer and more toned. Because you have been battling your weight for such a long time, it is understandable if you find it difficult to believe what they are saying. You can, however, look up unbiased reviews written by people who have tried the smoothie diet on the internet and see the results for yourself.

When you first start, you will have to go through a period of detoxification that will last for three days. Because of this detoxification, the toxins that have accumulated in your body will be removed, and your smoothie will be able to function more effectively as a result.

After you have completed the detoxification process, you will move on to the next phase, which requires you to replace two of your daily meals with smoothies. In addition, you are permitted to consume a third meal, but it ought to be one that is low in calories.

The smoothie diet was designed for those who are at a loss as to what they should consume for the third meal of the day. When you are on a diet, they have a comprehensive list of foods that you are allowed to consume for your third meal.

You are permitted to have one day per week where you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, while on the Smoothie diet. On the other hand, if you feel as though the cheat day is throwing off the rhythm of your healthy diet, you can choose to forego it.

The majority of the ingredients in the smoothies you consume will be fruit and vegetables. They are healthy and can assist you in losing weight without negatively affecting your digestion or immune system in any way.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as low-calorie dishes with lean meats and healthy fats, is one way to reduce the number of contaminants in your diet that come from packaged foods. In addition, you will need to fight the urge to eat junk food for a little while because eating junk food can undo the effects of the smoothies you have been drinking.

The Smoothie Plan will fix the diet, in addition to other issues that are caused by the long-term consumption of fatty meals and junk food, which is what leads to obesity.

Even after you finish the smoothie diet and reach your fitness goals, your body will continue to maintain its healthy eating and digestion habits because of the smoothie diet. As a consequence of this, it eliminates factors that are responsible for severe illnesses and lessens the severity of health issues.

Benefits of Using the 21 Day Smoothie Diet

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be extremely challenging to squeeze in some exercise and maintain a healthy diet at the same time. This could cause both men and women to put on weight rapidly and develop obesity in a relatively short amount of time.

Along with assisting you in your efforts to reduce excess weight, the smoothie diet is also beneficial to your general health. The benefits of consuming smoothies regularly are as follows.

Weight Loss

It is without a doubt the most prominent advantage that comes from following a smoothie diet. Remember that a green smoothie typically consists of quite a few leafy green vegetables and whole fruits, so you should plan accordingly.

The elimination of foods that contribute additional fat to the diet, such as milk and yogurt, makes the smoothie diet more effective. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get more satisfaction from your meals. You won’t need another smoothie as long as you keep eating these fruits and vegetables. A healthy eating routine can be easily maintained with the help of the smoothie diet, which is both simple and efficient.

Enhances Mental Health

Getting rid of excess fat, doing a cleanse, and increasing your energy are all things that can help you feel more confident. This is exactly how your mind will feel after consuming a smoothie that is healthy as well as effective and has few negative side effects.

If you are self-conscious about your size, you may experience feelings of motivation to avoid going out in public because of your self-consciousness. The outcomes of the smoothie diet will leave you feeling satisfied and confident in who you are as a person.

Improves Metabolism and Digestion

People who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease will benefit from the smoothie diet. In addition, fiber helps the digestive system produce nutritional mass and maintain normal bowel movements, both of which are important digestive functions. Due to the fact that it has already been crushed, the digestive system is able to consume it all much more quickly.

A healthy digestive system and gut can facilitate a number of health benefits, including reductions in bloating and weight as well as improvements in the elimination of toxic waste. In addition to this, not only do they improve mental clarity, but they also strengthen the immune system and stimulate the production of energy.

Improves Immune System

If you adhere to the smoothie diet plan to a tee, you should notice a marked improvement in the health of your immune system. The mineral-rich nutrients in the smoothie diet provide the necessary nutrition to keep your immune system strong, and drinking smoothies is one of the best ways to get them.

In a similar vein, green smoothies contain a significant amount of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system and maintain its normal functioning. In addition, it helps fight infections and maintain healthy cellular activities, in addition to possessing anti-inflammatory properties of its own.

Improved Bone Strength

The smoothie diet calls for the consumption of foods that are high in calcium content. In addition, it is well-documented that calcium assists in the repair and ongoing health of our bones. Because the bone marrow is responsible for the production of blood, when the health of your bones improves, it causes the production of more bone marrow, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of blood that is produced.

No Shipping, Returns, and Refunds Issues

Because the smoothie diet is an online-only program, you won’t have to worry about any shipping complications or additional costs. In addition, the procedure for making payments and gaining access to this plan is brisk and efficient. After we have finished processing your payment, you will immediately have full access to this diet plan.

You are welcome to go grocery shopping on one day, stock up for the week, and start cooking on that very same day! You can print anything you require from the PDF files, like a booklet, for example.

If you are dissatisfied with the plan and are not receiving any benefits, you can request a refund within sixty days of the date the payment was made. This eliminates the threat and demonstrates Drew’s unwavering faith in the viability of his program.

Eliminates the Risk of Serious Diseases

If we’re talking about losing weight in a way that won’t put your health at risk, the smoothie diet is one of the safest and most effective options out there.

In addition, the ability of these antioxidants to prevent and treat oxidative stress caused by free radicals is well-known. It’s possible that environmental and behavioral factors both contribute to its development. Because of the poison they contain, they are capable of causing a variety of persistent diseases, such as arthritis, leukemia, and cardiovascular illness.

Anti-aging Benefits

Because of the anti-aging effects of this diet, your skin tone will become more even and it will have a more youthful appearance. Ingredients in smoothies that are good for you can assist in the production of collagen in your body. The use of smoothies results in a significantly more supple and youthful appearance of the face.

If you go the smoothie route instead of spending a lot of money on anti-aging treatments, you can avoid the awful negative effects that come along with those treatments. A diet consisting primarily of smoothies offers additional benefits to one’s health.

The benefits are experienced not only on a physical but also on a mental level as well. In addition, each of our bodies is unique in its own way. Even though this diet is mostly organic and full of nutrients, it’s possible that some people will still experience adverse effects from following it.

Side Effects of the 21 Day Smoothie Diet

Everything has a cost associated with it. In the same vein, you won’t be able to get the weight scale to balance in this scenario. As was just mentioned, every person’s metabolism is unique, and as a result, their bodies react uniquely to any given component or eating plan. As a result, this diet may have a negative impact on some people, while others may find it to be quite unsettling.

The following is a list of some of the potential dangers that come with the package:

Increased Blood Sugar Level

If you use a green smoothie, the beverage will almost entirely be composed of vegetables. Even though green smoothies are superior in terms of nutrition, their taste and sweetness are not particularly impressive. Therefore, adding sugar to them will cause you to consume a greater number of calories, which will throw off your diet plan.

On the other hand, if you want your smoothie to be even smoother, it is recommended that you combine it with sugar pills that are low in calories. If you don’t watch what you eat and keep your calorie intake under control, your blood sugar will skyrocket.

Medication Clash

If you are afflicted with a disease or are currently taking any medications, the diet plan is going to make your health worse in a number of ways. In addition, if you are currently taking any medication that thins your blood, you should not follow this diet plan. This diet plan includes some foods that contain vitamin K, which should be avoided by anyone who wants their blood to thin out because vitamin K is an anticoagulant.

Nutritional Issues

However, despite its apparent simplicity, this eating plan provides you with all of the essential nutrients for achieving your weight loss goals. On the other hand, this diet plan does not include some essential nutrients. In addition, continued use over an extended period of time can exacerbate the problems.

Your brain’s processing speed may become sluggish, and you may have trouble falling or staying asleep if you aren’t getting enough of certain nutrients.

As a result, it is recommended that one create a comprehensive chart of nutrients and then consume the nutrients that are missing through other sources that are low in calories.


A cheat day is included in this diet plan, during which you can consume whatever you want. The creator of this diet recognized that the human body could not function normally on such a diet alone and consequently devised the concept of a “cheat day.” As a result, taking advantage of this cheat day is something that is absolutely essential to do.

On the other hand, if you believe that cheat day will throw off your diet and you continue to follow the diet even on cheat days, you will end up over-dieting. Excessive dieting can produce results that aren’t necessarily desirable. Therefore, make sure you stick to the diet plan properly.


You’ve had enough of this smoothie diet, and you’ve finally reached your goal weight. Congratulations! That is fantastic. If, on the other hand, you return to your previous unhealthy diet, your body will put on weight more rapidly than it ever has before.

Therefore, while you are on this diet, modify your previous eating habits and commit to keeping them so that you do not stray from the intended path.

Who Should Follow a Diet That Consists of Drinking Smoothies for 21 Days?

Vegetables that are good for you and fruits that are naturally sweet offer a laundry list of benefits to one’s health. Because of the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet, it is now in an ideal position for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, and in particular for those who want to lose weight.

However, the program also assists individuals who are constantly on the go to take the minerals that they require. These individuals may miss breakfasts or be encouraged to eat junk food because of their busy lives. The program helps these individuals take the minerals that they require. The Smoothie Diet is a sensible option because it is easy to put together and convenient to consume while on the go.

This diet is an option for those who lead an active lifestyle and consistently engage in strenuous physical activity. This is because it is an excellent source of high-quality carbohydrates, which is the reason why it has this effect. It takes the edge off your hunger pangs and gives you the motivation to power through your workouts and other activities.

The most beneficial component of this smoothie diet is the section that is specifically designed for children. You might not be aware of this, but the health risks associated with obesity are significantly higher for children than for adults. Consequently, this smoothie diet includes a digital program that is geared toward assisting children in becoming physically fit.

Who Should Refrain From 21 Day the Smoothie Diet?

Dietary smoothies are not recommended for the following groups of people:

Intolerance to Food

The smoothie diet utilizes only ingredients that are completely natural and/or organic. This smoothie is almost entirely made up of ingredients that come from natural sources. Before getting started, it is strongly suggested that you first look over the comprehensive ingredients chart. This is due to the fact that many people are allergic to certain types of plants and vegetables.

People With Diabetes or Chronically Ill People

Because it contains some calories, this smoothie could throw off your blood sugar levels, causing you to have a number of health issues as a result. Because of this, you need to exercise caution.

Pregnant Women

For the sake of both the mother and the developing child, it is imperative that pregnant women consume an adequate quantity of nutrients and maintain a balanced diet. In the case of the smoothie diet, it does not include some essential nutrients that are required for a woman who is pregnant to stay healthy. As a result, it is recommended that you refrain from beginning this diet until after the completion of your pregnancy. It is not worth putting your health or the health of your unborn child in jeopardy.

What Is The Correct Dosage Of The Smoothie Diet Program?

Before beginning the Smoothie Diet program, you are required to complete a three-day detoxification during which you are allowed to consume nothing but smoothies for meals and are prohibited from eating any solid food.

As soon as you begin the smoothie diet’s main course, you will be required to drink smoothies twice a day and refrain from eating any solid meals during this phase of the diet. You are only allowed to consume food once per day, and that meal must be dinner. During these 21 days, you will also be provided with a comprehensive list of the meals that you are permitted to consume. You are unable to consume anything else.

Don’t be concerned; there is still a lot of leeway for improvement. Because suppressing cravings for a full 21 days may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the coach will let you have one day where you can cheat on the diet. You are free to consume as many calories as you want on this cheat day, so go ahead and eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want to drink.

Where to Buy 21 Day the Smoothie Diet and Guarantees?

The Smoothie Diet can only be purchased from their main website at this time. The use of ClickBank to make payments is supported on this website. This indicates that the connection that you establish will be secure.

The smoothie diet comes in at a total cost of $47, which can be considered to be affordable. However, if you check in during the promotion period, you can get this plan for only 37 dollars.

After you have successfully completed the transaction, an email and an online ebook will be sent to you within a few seconds. The website will not send you any hard copies in the mail at any time. E-books are now available for your reading pleasure.

If you are still curious about what guarantees the efficacy of the smoothie diet, the credibility of the smoothies themselves is the answer. In addition, the smoothie diet comes with a money-back guarantee that is valid for a period of sixty days in the event that you are unhappy with the results. The process of returning the item is also very simple and straightforward.

In addition, your refund will be processed and sent to you within the next few hours. On their website and various other online platforms, there are a large number of certified user reviews that attest to the effectiveness of their products.

A guide to detoxification, meal planning, grocery lists, and smoothie recipes are all included, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use all of the information provided.

Here’s what you will get with the package:

  • There are a variety of smoothie recipes available to give you the flavor you desire.
  • A diet plan that lasts for three weeks with the goals of improving the immune system and losing weight.
  • A shopping list that will make it easier to acquire all of the necessary components.
  • A comprehensive guide that will instruct you on the art of making smoothies.
  • Every last detail regarding the cleansing phase that comes just before the beginning of the smoothie diet.
  • Comprehensive information regarding how to make the most of everything that comes with the smoothie diet
  • Because it is a web-based service, it can be accessed on a mobile phone or laptop even when there is no internet connection available. In addition, if you have already downloaded this ebook onto your device, you won’t even require a data connection in order to read it.


  • The Smoothie Diet utilizes only natural ingredients in its preparations.
  • They are associated with very few, if any, adverse effects, and they are low in calorie content.
  • This program includes a shopping list, which makes it very simple to go out and purchase the necessary ingredients. This program provides a concise explanation of each stage involved in the preparation of a nutritious smoothie.
  • They have a large customer base on every social media platform to advocate for the quick results, and the Smoothie Diet has been shown to help people get in shape in a shorter amount of time than other diets.


  • If you only follow the smoothie diet and don’t eat anything else healthy or nutritious, you won’t see much of a difference in your weight.
  • You won’t find this anywhere else besides the Smoothie diet’s official website.
  • It has the potential to throw off the metabolism of certain customers.


The 21-Day Smoothie Diet is a legitimate diet that was developed and designed by Coach Drew. It is capable of assisting people in effectively losing weight in just 21 days. Dieters who participate in this weight-loss program can expect to see results in three weeks as a result of the program’s use of smoothies made of fruits and vegetables as a meal replacement. It indicates that the dieter eliminated their consumption of carbohydrates and calories and substituted those foods with smoothies that were high in nutrients and promoted weight loss.

This diet program is based on a straightforward premise. It is possible to lose pounds in a period of three weeks if an individual refrains from eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and adheres to a diet that is both healthy and effective in promoting weight loss. And the fact that this is the case is what makes this product so powerful.


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